WORKS > Märchenwald - Under the skin ( in progress)



The images "Märchenwald - under the skin" represented here, are at first glance familiar pictures of a forest with a haunting atmosphere.

What has these pictures in common one may wonder.

The story behind the " Märchenwald " series is as follows:

In the year 1933 situated near a small village 'Gogarten' in Germany an attraction park named "Märchenwald" was established.

The forest, located close to the "Märchenwald", once was a hidden place to produce explosives during WW II. The allied forces bombed those production sites.

Nowadays the "Märchenwald" doesn't exist anymore.

What rests is a small 'sleepy ' village Gogarten, represented by a 'clothesline' and 'swing'.

Getting back to the images and having a closer look we see craters and signs of destruction indeed. Some of the pictures look as it was X-ray scan (Märchenwald - Under the Skin) ; in fact, through these imaginary X-ray scans, I visualize the 'injuries ' of destruction and how nature has recovered and masked those scars. The termite hills, which can have the age of more than 80 years stands in contrast with the destructive means of human being and symbolizes nature's form of construction.